Monday, April 6, 2009

Two Recitals and a Blog Review - Must Be a Monday

I have had an unusual day. It was made unusual because I have unusual friends. Let me share a few quick anecdotes.

I went to an organ recital today. Not something I do very often - in fact, I can count on one hand (and maybe one finger) the number of organ recitals I have attended before today. But Andrew was playing. I first met Andrew when we were small children. Because his father pastored the church where my grandparents were members, I would see Andrew when I would visit Grandmother and Granddaddy. Ironically, Andrew was in the music school at Baylor with Gena, my wife, and Andrew ended up being her accompanist. Andrew played the organ for our wedding. He is an incredible organist, and it was a privilege to hear him play again today.

I went to a flute recital tonight. I had never done that before. But Tiffany was playing. I have only known Tiffany a couple of years, but she and her husband have become good friends of ours. Her daughter and my daughter text each other a couple of dozen times a day. Tiffany's graduate recital was tonight, and it was fabulous. It was a privilege to hear her play.

I had a call from Bill today. Bill and I have been friends since the summer after my sophomore year in high school. We are very different - Bill is in his late 40s or maybe has hit 50 by now. He is single. He is a liberal Catholic. But he and I have resonated on many topics we have discussed over the years. He has spent some time reading my blog, and he called today to tell me that he has enjoyed reading it. He found it "humane" and "not too Baptist" for him. He also said it was "real." This is high praise from a discriminating reader who has no reason to blow smoke at me. It is a privilege to know that people like Bill read what I write in this space.

I may never have another day where I attend two recitals of classical music. I may not get another unexpected review of my blog any time soon. It could have only happened on a Monday.

But the real reason it happened is because I am uniquely blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends, talented people who are unique and surprising. Today, it was not just Andrew and Tiffany and Bill - for I intersected today with Jake and Cailin and Charlie and Wanda and Fran and Mark and Paul and Harriet and Tammy and Brent and Jeff and Shelley. Life is full. Friends are treasures.

Maybe you had a good Monday too?

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Crystal Robbins said...

This resembles our whole last month. We had you for one night, cousin Daniel for one night, many friends on this last show I coached, many emails from students I've taught through the years, saw a concert with a Memphis friend who was a huge influence on me and one of Dad's best friends. This weekend, I connected with a dear friend through facebook who I hadn't seen in 25 years. He was in Santa Barbara conducting for the tour of Mamma Mia. He got us house seats and we drove up to celebrate our anniversary. Great memories and reflections of times long ago when this friend music directed me Gaslight Dinner Theatre in Memphis, when I was 16. So many connections. He was so earnestly happy to see us and hear about our lives. It was interesting to hear him tell Jim what I was like at 16 and we all talked and laughed and enjoyed beautiful Santa Barbara. Then another friend who lives in San Francisco saw my facebook comments and asked about the town and now he may be coming down for visit. Friends are treasures. So are cousins. :)