Sunday, March 8, 2015

For Thine Is the Kingdom, and the Power

Sometimes, a blog writes itself. This morning's worship service provided such a moment.

At the conclusion of worship today, the benediction was a choir/congregational singing of Malotte's "The Lord's Prayer." As we approached the ending, with about 15 bars to go, Al Travis played a particularly stirring chord on the organ as choir and congregation sang fortissimo on "... and deliver us from evil." Suddenly, the lights went out and the organ could be heard no longer. We were plunged into darkness. Somewhere, in a closet in a hallway, a fuse had blown and a breaker had thrown.

We were not, however, plunged into silence, for the song went on without a hitch. Choir and congregation joined to finish the piece a capella. The irony of singing "for Thine is the kingdom and the power..." while the power was out was lost on no one in attendance.

About a dozen symbolic interpretations flooded everyone's mind, I am sure. You can't turn out the power of the church ... The blood will never lose its power ... The power of the Holy Spirit is eternal... And you shall receive power.

What went through my mind was perhaps simpler than that. I was proud, in a proper holy way. We were unfazed. We did not need to see our newly refurbished sanctuary, much less our hymnbooks, or hear our expensive organ in order to sing the right words in four-part harmony. Since the song is a prayer, I sang it, as I always do, with my eyes closed. I will confess to having been tempted to open them to see the reactions, but I resisted. Eyes closed and head bowed, I sang to the end with my brothers and sisters.

I love our refurbished sanctuary and expensive organ, and I am not suggesting that we routinely turn them off.

But I am so glad that our prayer needs nothing more than our voices lifted to God. I am so glad that we can join together and make it through to the end with only each other to rely on as God receives our prayer. I am so glad that the power in our worship service does not depend on a fuse box.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful service. Thanks for your reflections on it. Colleen

Anonymous said...

This moment in time seems to be one of those moments that touch us in many ways. On an emotional level it floods our hearts with love, contentment, power through Christ, and pride (in a good way) to be a part of such a great Christian family.
Lyn, I am posting Anonymous because at the moment we are on opposite sides on legal issues (hopefully not for much longer lol). I purchased your book "In the Court of the Master" over a year ago and have also followed your blog. Although we are on opposing sides of a case, we are brothers in Christ. I enjoyed your book, as many times I have felt like a donkey and yet, that can be a great thing. Although our views on some things vary, you ARE a man with a heart for God. I have been quite inspired through your book and your blog. I pray that God continues to bless both you and your family.