Monday, October 3, 2016

More News for Readers of Blogarithmic Expressions - My Latest Book

My new book, Grace Always Comes: Daily Devotionals Theough the Bible, is available. I hope you will log on to my website,, and order it today.

From the Introduction:

Grace always comes…

As I wrote this book, I had at least three purposes in mind:
1. To help those who want to launch a yearlong daily practice of reading the Bible, front to back, by offering both a bit of motivation to keep reading every day and some explanation of stories, poems, prophecies, and hard-to-decipher items in scripture they would encounter along the way. I imagine among my readers both the committed Christ-follower who has never quite made it all the way through a Read-The-Bible-In-A-Year plan and the Christ-seeker who is encountering scripture for the first time and wondering how best to approach reading it. And if there is among the readers a true unbeliever or skeptic who is willing to pick up a Bible and see what all the fuss is about, I would be honored for this book to be used as guide for the effort.

2. To provide a daily devotional for those who do not want to tackle reading the entire Bible but who nonetheless would be intrigued by and interested in devotionals that follow the Bible story and build upon each other as scripture does.

3. To give some new perspective to the dedicated disciple who has read the Bible through many times before and is looking for a new companion piece as she reads through yet again.
However you use this book, I hope you will see, as I have discovered, the repeated them of grace throughout scripture. Grace is classically defined as the “unmerited favor” of God, and I find that favor given and displayed in virtually every chapter of the Bible.

There is, of course, Grace with a capital G. It is the “Amazing Grace” that saves us, the “marvelous, infinite, matchless Grace” that is greater than all our sin. We do not order, request, or earn saving Grace. It just comes, offered freely to all. It is up to us to respond to it.
There are many other kinds of grace, ranging from the small to the mighty, from the (almost) unnoticed to the obvious, and from the natural to the miraculous. In scripture, grace begins with the provision of a garden to the homeless and an outfit to the naked and ends with an invitation and a benediction. In between, we see grace coming to us as an ark, in the belly of a big fish, out of a rock in the desert, in hair that grows back, as flour from an empty pot, by healings, through words, and in countless other places and avenues. This grace comes often, and it comes to point the way to Grace.

As you read through scripture with the help of these individual little devotionals, it is my prayer that you see both Grace and grace. God repeatedly sends Grace our way to give us every possible chance to accept the free gift of eternal life; and grace comes every day – God’s mercies are new every morning -because the kingdom of God is at hand, and God loves us so much that He lavishes His unmerited favor on us in ways too numerous to quantify.
Grace continues to come to you and to me. We do not put in a request for it… Grace always comes.