Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We thought our new church start, Trinity River Church, was going to launch in September. That was the plan. Starting in the fall, when school starts and vacations are over and enthusiasm for all things new seems to be at its height was our idea.

Then, we could not start in September. The church where we planning to borrow a chapel had some issues and asked us to wait a month.

So, then we were planning to start at the beginning of October. It was easy for us to understand that this would be much better. We would not be competing with all the things starting in September, and we would not have to make people choose between visiting us and going to hear the brand new preacher at the big downtown church who began his ministry in September.

But we could not start in October. The church where we were going to borrow the chapel up and withdrew its invitation altogether. They are not bad people ... they have had some issues arise and just can not accommodate us right now. But that left us back at Square One.

So, then we planned to start meeting at the first of November. Surely we would find a new place.

Well, tomorrow is November 1, and we do not have a place to meet. There is a good possibility that one church will invite us, but their church council meeting is not until November 13, and we have learned by now not to get our hopes up. If that works out, starting the first week of December, coinciding our church start with Advent, is either a great idea or a terrible one.

I don’t know where we will begin. I don’t know if it will be a house or a conference room or a chapel or a storefront. I don’t know why we have had to wait. Some have suggested it is God’s way of teaching us patience. Others have hinted that if the devil is fighting against us, we must be doing something right. Others have wondered if our grand ideas for a new church have just been misplaced from the beginning.

I am not prepared to answer all of those musings. I am prepared to wait, and to pray, and to follow leads, and to do what I can to help secure a location.

I do know that we were called to this work. And I know that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, will mount up with wings as eagles, will run and not be weary, will walk and not faint. I know that, as I learned many decades ago, He’s got the whole world in His hands.

So we wait. And, for now, that is ok.